My boyfriend the crocodile. Chapter 113. My Corona Boyfriend. By Med G

La nueva Carrie Bradshaw, a.k.a. Med G., está a punto de estrenar el segundo capítulo de la nueva “biblia” sobre los altibajos del amor, la atracción, el sexo y la pasión: My boyfriend the Crocodile. Una trilogía publicada por Líbera Editorial que reúne grandes tópicos universales, pequeñas situaciones cotidianas, hechos de actualidad y los describe en un tono satírico y mordaz, capaz de llegar a toda mujer, hacerla sentir menos sola y de paso regalarle unas cuantas risas.

El primer capítulo de la saga está disponible en Amazon, la web de Líbera Editorial y en librerías especializadas.

Chapter 113


 Forced to live under extreme circumstances, my new boyfriend and I learned a lot about each other and got as close as can be. Can you imagine being confined for an entire month with a guy you just met?

During the past year, COVID-19 has dramatically changed our friendships, businesses, family routines but also our personal relationships, dating and sex life. While many people have spent this time apart from their significant other, I am sharing my house with my practically unknown Corona Boyfriend.
I met this wonderful guy a few weeks ago. Things were as exciting and romantic as you’d expect things to be during the initial stages of a relationship: I’d nervously wait for him to text back, looking forward to our special date or plan that we made once or twice a week; I’d think of witty things to say or do in an attempt to show the best version of myself, while having that initial sexual encounter and then leaving the water running when mother nature summons you to the toilet.

But everything took a drastic turn the day it was announced that a global pandemic had infected our country overnight, and it did so exactly during our romantic getaway weekend. Before we could have any second thoughts, the government prohibited people from traveling from place to place, meaning we were stuck in a tiny village far away from our primary residences. What’s more, we were given strict orders to remain locked inside our homes.


My new-found love and I had just returned from our first trip together where we had discovered that we were compatible and very cute together. As one would assume, we wanted to spend even more time together, so we had innocently decided to spend the weekend at my country house, which was only two hours from the city. My aunt would watch the kids over the weekend and we would travel in separate cars.

But sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. Sometimes it becomes more unreal than a science-fiction movie. Things change overnight and the next thing you know, your new boyfriend and you are living together like a functional marriage meanwhile hundreds of people are dying every day from this new disease. Just like that, a romantic getaway turned into a COVID-19 month-long confinement. A story that we hope to be able to tell to our loved ones some day.

The question which secretly floats in the air, just like the virus, is as follows: will this forced closeness be good or bad for a relationship? Consider that couples whose marriages are presently under pressure could be heading for a “covidivorce.” But what about recently-formed couples that face confinement? What happens next?

After the confinement experience, in China the number of divorces had increased. We can learn from the Chinese experience with a few simple recommendations:

  1. There’s no need to skip date night if you are confined or apart from your partner due to the pandemic.
    2. We can try creative home-dating ideas and best practices for maintaining a healthy relationship, like movie night or a picnic.
    3. Regularly schedule personal time and give yourself breaks from each other in order to alternate constantly being together.

We have each found time apart, gradually and naturally, without having “that” talk. Make an effort to be excited to spend time with your partner and try to do without distractions. Put the phone away, dress nicely, and listen to your partner while he or she is talking.

I am particularly concerned about our return, once again back into reality. Once again back into the jungle.


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