What made you so crazy? That’s the first question we should ask when we meet someone. Why? Because we’re all crazy somehow, all hungry for more, and I’m no exception.

Now that I’m almost middle-aged I realize that most people are a lost cause, simply trying to live fulfilling lives with the same elements. Our society values endurance, durability, the long-run. The thing is that most people feel unsatisfied because they’re stuck leading a life that isn’t what they want anymore, all while being forced to repress their desire to tear everything up and start something new from scratch.

Changing patterns, rhythms, songs, or habitats should be considered a good thing. It would be like exfoliating, right? If our skin can do it, if Crocodile’s can do it, why can’t we?

It’s like living several lives in one lifetime, and it’s true that it would provide us with more learning opportunities, but doing that seems wrong. You would have to be unfaithful (is it better to cheat on yourself?), you would have to say to your childhood friend: “Bye, nice meeting you.” You would have to leave your comfort zone and start over, or date someone radically different from you: someone that your previous friends would disapprove of, someone older, shorter, richer or poorer. It would be like creating to destroy to create again. Could an artist say that one particular artistic period was better than the other? Or, could it be assumed that the art of one specific time period represented specific feelings and certain circumstances that were thus later replaced by other feelings and circumstances which further resulted in a different style or proliferation? Is there such a thing as a perfect match? Or, could it be that are there several people that are perfect for each stage of your life?

Personally, I only feel alive when I see that a new cycle is emerging. It’s that instinctual feeling that you get when you transition from period to period. It’s the rush of adrenaline when you are surfing and after a long wait you see the perfect wave forming on the horizon. You’re gifted a new skin as a new era begins. Oxygen. Breathe in, breathe out. Where will you find your food? Your career? Your expat package? Your travels? Your extended trips abroad? The perfect wave? A new pet?

I find it in human beings. Every so often someone crosses my path who brings hope and joy back into my life. That person becomes the center of my attention— my soul, my mate, my smile, my joy. I feel interested and I find that person to be interesting. It’s not simple attraction…it’s the absolute certainty that a supreme force has placed that certain individual (male or female) into my life for a reason.

Perhaps an old friend recently rediscovered, or a new one that I have yet to discover and with whom conversation simply flows from a suddenly-open heart. It could be a complete stranger or even a Crocodile in his seductive phase. I feel grateful and excited to get to know that person and to find out where that person is meant to take me next.

For a beautiful period of time that hunger disappears.

Maybe we’re all predators somehow…

Med G. (My Boyfriend the Crocodile – Part 2 #43)
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