How to Become a Master of Searching on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the most popular professional social networking site is without any doubt.

Even the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, joked at a TV news conference that he would join LinkedIn to help him get a job when his time was up. It’s a popular area for professionals and students to network and hunt for career prospects.

The problem is that if you only sometimes update your profile, you’re not taking full advantage of what LinkedIn can do for you, including saving hours on your job hunt and expanding your professional network. The following practical advice will help you make the most of your needs by searching on LinkedIn.

Linkedin Search Importance

Understanding the best ways to use LinkedIn’s search capability is crucial. Given the nature of the search, LinkedIn has quite powerful search capabilities.

You may search for people, articles, businesses, jobs, organizations, schools, events, and courses on Linkedin. On Linkedin, you may connect with the professionals you want to meet by using the search tool.

A wonderful tool that helps users narrow down their criteria as precisely as possible is LinkedIn search. If you want to connect with people from a certain business or place, the Linkedin search is really beneficial.

Advanced LinkedIn Search Operators

You may use a few advanced search operators to use LinkedIn to find the information you’re looking for. Here are some helpful hints on how to make use of them:

1.   Quoted Searches

The identical term may be found, just like in search engines. For an instance, query 1 will provide you information on individuals who hold the position of senior management (at a firm), whereas query 2 will just provide project manager profiles.

  • «Sr. Manager,» Query 1
  • «Project manager,» Query 2

2.   AND Operator

Use the AND operator to search for profiles that include two terms by separating them with the upper-case letter AND.

  • Search: CEO AND managing director

3.   OR Operator

You may use the OR operator to look for profiles that include one of two or more keywords. If you want to know who the CEO or managing director of a corporation is, for instance, you may separate those phrases with the uppercase letter OR.

  • Search: CEO OR Managing Director

4.   NOT Operator

The NOT operator may be used to exclude certain search phrases from your results. For instance, your search term should be: «project manager profile» if you wish to exclude results from the United Kingdom.

  • Search: «Project Manager» NOT in the United Kingdom

5.   Title Operator

The «title» operator will assist you in learning about the executive roles available in a certain sector. This operator will assist companies in locating qualified employees and will direct users toward the growth of a network of individuals with related job titles.

Key Pointers

The following are the article’s main conclusions:

  • To successfully conduct a LinkedIn job search, you must have an impressive profile.
  • For a successful job search on LinkedIn, key portions of the site should be carefully managed.
  • You can use AND, OR, and NOT searches to narrow your search and find specific that accurately match your requirements
  • Add value to your career with the social network Linkedin
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